Hosers vs. Ole Piper Chiefs

We didn’t find our way back into the MNWAHL win column this week, but the team played well despite a short bench and being tired. I stopped 39 of 42 shots as we came up short 3-1. It’s going to be tough to win games when we score only one goal, but I was pleased that I gave the boys a chance to win the game, or at least be in it until the end.

Even harder than winning games when you only score one goal is winning games with a short bench. It’s reasonable to keep things close for two periods, but fresh legs late in a game can often times be the difference between winning and losing.

I do believe that if we had a full bench we would have one for two reasons – 1, we would have had fresh legs in the third period, and 2, we were missing some of our more offensively skilled players who may have been able to put a few more goals on the board for us.

With the loss the Hosers fall to 1-3 in this fall season.

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