Sota Stick Hockey Classic: Down in the Valley vs Jesse Bentrup Farmers Insurance

Game two of the Sota Stick Hockey Classic didn’t quite go as planned. In last year’s tournament, I faced the Jesse Bentrup Farmers Insurance team (with different players on both sides) and we won handily so I was anticipating a similar result and a 2-0 record in tournament play as I headed home for the night. This year the tables were turned, and I was only able to stop 32 of the 40 shots they put on the net as we lost the game.

The truth is when your team gives up 40 shots in a game you are not going to win many of those games because it typically means you are getting outplayed. That was the case in this game.

It was in this game that I made a two-pad stack that evolved into a barrel roll where one of the tournament photographers snapped a picture that had me looking like an equal sign while laying on my back. Landon from SotaStick even shared the picture out on social media asking what that save is named.

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