Sota Stick Hockey Classic: Down in the Valley vs. Running Aces

I was fortunate to be a member of Team Down in the Valley for the 2019 Sota Stick Hockey Classic benefiting the Hendrickson Foundation this year. We opened the tournament with a convincing win over Team Running Aces that saw me make 25 saves on 29 shots.

The game had a good flow for two teams playing together for the first time. I felt good out there, but will always think I could have played better.

On one of the goals I let in I had three white Team Running Aces jerseys standing in front of me with the play off to the side. The puck found one of those undefended white jerseys standing all alone on the backdoor for an easy tap in goal.

One of the unique rules in this game is that each team had a free penalty shot they could use at any stoppage in play one time during the tournament. You could buy more with all money going to the Hendrickson Foundation. Team Running Aces wisely used their penalty shot card right after scoring a goal on me. I came out a bit too for to challenge the shooter, and that ultimately hurt me. I played the shooter properly, but since I was out too far they wound up with two quick goals.

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