Sota Stick Hockey Classic: Down in the Valley vs Forest Lake Automotive

The third game of the Sota Stick Hockey Classic had Team Down in the Valley facing off against Team Forest Lake Automotive. We needed to win the game, and score a lot of goals to have a shot at playing in the third-place game. They got a few quick goals on us, but we battled back as a team, and I was able to shut them down as we battled back for a tie – and ensure we didn’t play in the toilet bowl game. Everyone wants to play in the championship game but isn’t heartbroken if they don’t make it, but nobody wants to play in the toilet bowl game.

I made 28 saves in this game, but there were no easy ones. Team Forest Lake Automotive had me moving all over the crease to stop pucks. I had some nice glove saves, some bigger than others, and some with bigger windmills than others.

In the video, you can hear my buddy Andy from The Hockey Arsenal giving some commentary as he stood by my camera.

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