Product Review: Muscle MX Recovery CBD Balm

CBD products seem to be all the rage these days with shops popping up all around, and products being sold in many stores. My first try of a CBD product was some body oil my wife had picked up on achy hands. I can’t say the body oil did much, but then I got some samples of Muscle MX Recovery Balm at the Second Annual SotaStick Hockey Classic from team sponsor Down in the Valley, and have been using it on an injured knee.

I got home from my league game Sunday night (my fifth game in three days), and my knee was sore. After showering I rubbed the balm into my knee, and immediately felt a soothing, cooling sensation similar to an IcyHot or Biofreeze, but not as intense – and without the odor. I noticed the soothing feeling lasted much longer than menthol based products. In the morning my knee was in worse shape to the point that I had to go see the doctor, but I rubbed more of the Muscle MX Recovery CBD balm on it to numb the pain, and I was able to drive myself to the doctor.

After a visit to the Urgent Care to only be referred to an orthopedic doctor, I applied some more of the balm to my knee as I was in considerable pain. I will say that CBD balm does not relieve pain like we’d hope it would, but it does help with numbing, or dulling the pain. I’ve applied the balm to my knee a few time each day for a week now as it looks like this knee injury is a little more serious than I would like. I’m awaiting an MRI, but the doctor believes it is a torn meniscus. If that is the case I see a lot more Muscle MX Recovery Balm in my future.


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