Hosers vs. MN Freeze Screen Shot

Hosers vs. MN Freeze

This was a game I knew I’d be busy in as we only had seven skaters show up for this week’s MNWAHL game against the MN Freezw. I didn’t think I’d face 56 shots though. I try counting shots during games but stopped counting at 40 during this game. At that point I knew I’d seen a lot.

Despite seeing so many shots, I felt the seven that did show up played well. Of the seven that showed up, I wouldn’t say our top players were in that group. The fellas played their best though, and I am proud of them  I felt good, and believe I gave the boys a chance – even with allowing six goals in a 6-1 losing effort. I wonder how thing may have turned out differently if we had a full bench and some of our more offensive skilled players with the way I was playing in this game.

The best part about the beer leagues though is that no matter how the game turns out there is another one the next week.

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