Playground Puck Scree Shot

Playground Puck

I had the pleasure of representing team Red Wing Shoes in the 4 the Love of Puck Playground Puck outdoor hockey tournament at the Groveland Ice Rinks in St. Paul over the weekend. I was unable to make the first game in which the team lost but I went on to backstop the team to two consecutive wins to claim the consolation championship.

I filled in for another team as well, so I went 3-0-0 on the weekend, stopping 85 of 95 shots total. It was a fun weekend of hockey, meeting other folks who love this great game and playing the game in its purest form – outside in the elements.

Because of the purity of the games, I chose not to embed any music behind the video, letting the sounds of the skates and sticks on the ice be the soundtrack.

For fun after all the games were played me and one of the other goalies headed down the street in full goalie equipment, and walked into a bar to order a beer.

If you want to skate with these guys, they’re hosting the Madison Mug tournament in Madison, WI, in August.

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