Bone Jack Designs Don Edwards Line Art

Bone Jack Designs Don Edwards Drawing

The incredibly talented Charles from Bone Jack Designs is making the most of the Covid-19 quarantine and started a YouTube channel to show us all how he makes his amazing goalie drawings.

Now he didn’t color this drawing of Don Edwards in because he wants you to print it, and color it in yourself. Don Edwards Drawing!

I first came aware of Bone Jack Designs’ work some time ago, and have had the surprise of opening Instagram to find a photo of me that he had drawn in his awesomely unique style. We just finished our renovated home office, so now it is time to frame the drawing, and get it up on the wall.

If you like Bone Jack Designs style and would like a drawing of yourself, or any other goalie, he does do commissions. He does draw more than goalies too. He has a full portfolio of architecture and style as well.

If you’d like to learn more about the man behind the pen, read my Behind the Mask profile on him I wrote last May.

**UPDATE** Charles has sent over more drawings for you to color. I’ve put them all on one post that can be found here.


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