Stickers vs Manatees Screen Shot

Stickers vs Manatees


In my mid-week league run by 3M, we ran into what I am told is one of the better teams in the league. They certainly had some players who could shoot the puck. One of the younger players was still wearing his helmet from his days playing DIII college hockey. He was skating as if the stats in this league still counted for his NCAA career stats.

Early in the game I took a shot off the top of my knee where there was no protection. It hurt like heck and made movement the rest of the game difficult. The simplest of tasks like a small shuffle was painfull. We won’t even talk about going down into the butterfly. It was a good thing I learned to play the position in an era when we were taught how to play a stand-up style.

We didn’t play that bad of a game, but the Manatees made their shots count, and their goalie played really well, shutting us out. Hopefully, we bounce back next week, and my knee feels better.

**After the game we were sitting in the bar connected to the rink having a beer when we learned that the NHL was shutting down after that night’s games concluded due to COVID. We assumed our league would follow suit so we ordered another round. Our suspicion was reality as a few days later we got the email that the season was being put on hold, and eventually cancled.**

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