4 The Love of Puck Pick-Up Skate

4 the Love of Puck Pickup Hockey

I made my return to the ice since the COVID quarantine ended both my NMWAHL and 3M hockey seasons this past week skating with the 4 the Love of Puck pickup skate in Hudson, WI. With rinks still closed here in Minnesota we are forced to cross the river and play some bootleg hockey in the land of cheese.

It felt so good to be back on the ice. Even better is I played pretty well. I didn’t realize how much I needed a good skate for my mental health. It is important that we stay in tune with our mental health, but more so during their weird uncertain times. Our friends over at Lift the Mask are there for you if you need it.

Unfortunately, my GoPro fell off the glass, and wouldn’t stay on because there was too much snow on it after us goalies switched ends so I don’t have too many highlights to share being that I made most of my saves in the second half of the skate.

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