4 The Love of Puck Hudson Skate

4 the Love of Puck Pickup Hockey

I made my way back to Hudson, WI, for another pickup skate with the 4 the Love of Puck fellas. Bootleg hockey as I am calling it with rinks in Minnesota still shutdown.

It was a really good skate, the teams were well balanced, and even better my GoPro stayed up for the entire session. The glass at the rink in Hudson has a lot of puck marks on it behind the net (apparently these Wisconsin players have had too much cheese and can’t hit the net) which wreaks havoc with the suction cup that holds my GoPro up.

I’m hoping to signup for most, if not all the upcoming Sunday night skates in Hudson with the 4 the Love of Puck group. It’s only an extra 10 minutes driving time than the regular rink I skate at, and the teams each week are; A, full, and B, balanced so one team is not dominating the other. If players start to notice one team is stronger than the other they self-regulate and shuffle players between benches to balance things out pretty quickly.

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