Tough Night in Hudson

Tough Night in Hudson

I skated in the 4 The Love of Puck pickup game again this weekend in what is quickly becoming my weekly bootleg hockey in Hudson, WI. I had fun and made some nice saves, but the puck was bouncing around like a pinball which meant I let in a few questionable goals. Puck luck was not on my side tonight, or as the old hockey cliche goes, the bounces just were not going my way.

On top of the bounces not going my way, my GoPro wouldn’t stay on the glass again so I had to improvise. I pulled the camera off the mount and placed it in the net behind me. Not the best footage, but better than nothing. I wonder how the arena staff would respond if I asked them to clean some of the puck marks off the glass behind the nets so my GoPro would have a better chance of staying up during play. Having worked at rinks in the past I think they’d tell me to go pound sand.

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