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Product Review: Second String Leather Wallet

When the Second String Leather Company hit the scenes there were, and still are, a lot of goalie gear collectors upset about what they were doing. Second String takes old goalie equipment (and some player equipment) and repurposes it into wallets, watch bands, key chains, coasters, and assorted bags. I understand the sentiment, but many of the pieces of equipment were past their prime.

Other pieces have been of notable professional goalies. Some argue these pieces should belong in a private collection somewhere, but for somebody who will never have a personal collection of game-used equipment because I’m too cheap. With Second String turning these pieces into functional everyday pieces at prices most can afford they’re giving average fans a chance to own a piece of game-used memorabilia.

Second String Let's Play Hockey Expo BoothOne thing that held me back from buying every wallet Second String put out was the price. When not on sale most wallets start at $100, and I’m a cheap guy who likes nice things but hates spending money on myself. Then I stopped at Second Strings booth at the Let’s Play Hockey Expo and saw the quality and craftsmanship up close. While the pieces are made using old goalie equipment, the entire piece isn’t made up of those remnants.

Second String is using Horween Leather. I don’t know much about leather, but it’s thick and soft, and sturdy. I say sturdy because other wallets I’ve owned had leather that seemed to conform to my license and credit cards almost immediately. I’ve only had my Second String wallet a few weeks, but haven’t seen any signs of wear – again, unlike other wallets I’ve owned that lasted years.

Old Cooper Player GlovesI’ve been following Second String on social media since they debuted, then a few weeks ago they posted a picture of some old brown leathered Cooper player gloves. It just so happened I had the same pair sitting in my garage in decent shape for their age.

I sent Second String a DM letting them know I had a pair that I wasn’t using and would be happy to send them out so they could turn them into something awesome. Some people might be mad, but the reality is that while these gloves are in great condition, they were so stiff you wouldn’t want to use them. I tried using them for pond hockey once and quickly went back to my regular gloves. Second String responded right away that they were interested. A few messages and photos back and forth, and it was settled that I’d be shipping the gloves off to Grand Rapids, MI. In return, I got a deal on a wallet which was a good thing because I think the wallet I had at the time was at least 10 years old.

Well, once I sent the gloves off I couldn’t wait for my new wallet to arrive. As luck would have it I wasn’t home when the mailman delivered it. We were up north at the family cabin for a few days. As soon as we got home I went to the mailbox. Once the car was unloaded I did an unboxing video for Instagram.

Brian's Beast 6-Slot Bifold WalletI got a 6-slot bifold wallet. The wallet is made from a pair of old Brian’s Beast pads, showing part of the Air Pillow Protection logo and a piece that held straps in place. So far I only have one issue with the wallet, and it is not Second String’s fault. The gray material from the Beast pads that separates the two slots has some grip to it so when I first put a credit card in there it stuck a little and didn’t slide right out. Not the end of the world, and I’ve solved that problem by simply placing a business card in there for now till it loses some of that tac.

I keep seeing the new pads and gloves Second String is getting in, and it makes me want more wallets. One day I will replace my 20-year-old Vaughn Legacy set. When I do I will take advantage of Second String’s custom program where I can send my pads and gloves in the be made into any or all of the products they produce. I will also allow them to use as much of the material as they can to make as many products as possible to sell. Why should I be the only one to have access to that collection?

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