4 The Love of Puck State Fair Food Night

4 The Love of Puck State Fair Food Night

I finally got my GoPro to stay on the glass at the Hudson rink for another week of bootleg 4 the Love of Puck pick-up hockey in Hudson, WI – well for about 30 minutes of the skate. It captured some nice saves, but not the best when I laid my stick on the goal line to stop the puck from crossing.

Originaly the skate was planned to be a small 3 on 3 tournament, but we couldn’t find enough skaters. An audible was called, and it was just turned into a long pick-up skate. Teams were fairly even, and it was a god 4-on-4 skate.

In normal time the Minnesota State Fair would be taking place right now but due to COVID the fair was canceled this year, so skate organizer Cas organized a post skate barbeque in the parking lot of brats and fried foods. I didn’t stay long enough to eat, but I did stay to see the setup. I’ll make sure to stay next year as it looked like it was going to be a good feast.

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