The Game by Ken Dryden

Book Report: The Game

The GameKen Dryden wrote The Game over 20 years ago. I read the book a decade ago. What is impressive about this book is that Dryden wrote the book during his final season in the NHL with the Montreal Canadiens in 1978-79, this was after taking a year off during his prime to finish his law degree. Yea, Dryden is an intelligent guy, not something most think of when thinking of goalies.

The six-time Stanley Cup winner brings readers along for an inside look into one of the greatest Canadiens locker rooms, telling stories of getting on the bus in full equipment, spending the night in his childhood bedroom the night before an away game, and painting intimate portraits of teammates like Guy ‘The Flower’ Lefleur, Larry Robinson, Serge Savard and his legendary coach Scotty Bowman.

This isn’t just a book about hockey, it is the book about hockey. On the dust jacket it says it’s a journey back to the heart and soul of the game, and I can’t argue that assertation.

I enjoyed this book so much I shared it with my dad who read it at the firehouse, and then shared it with other hockey fans at the firehouse so they could read it. Every guy that read it thoroughly enjoyed the book. As I was thumbing through the book to write this review I even found a folded piece of yellow paper that was an overtime report he had filled out while reading the book.

If you are a fan of hockey you need to read this book.

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