4 The Love of Puck 4 on 4

4 The Love of Puck 4 on 4

This week’s 4 The Love of Puck bootleg pick-up skate in Hudscon, WI, was light on skaters because the group hosted a tournament in Madison, WI, over the weekend and many of the usual skaters weren’t up for another skate so we played 4 on 4 with one extra guy on each bench. Needless to say everyone was gassed when the Zamboni doors finally opened.

With low numbers, this meant a lot of odd-man rushes and high danger scoring chances for me. Plenty of pucks went in the net, but it was a good skate for me to work on these situations before the fall league season starts. At least I hope rinks open in Minnesota and we have a fall league.

Because of the issues I have had keeping my GoPro attached to the glass at this rink I changed my placement to inside the net for this week. I was curious if this would give me just as good of a view of the plays, or possibly better. I think it provides a cool view, but maybe as a secondary shot. Mounting the camera on the glass slightly higher than me gives more visibility as to how the play develops in front of me.

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