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Book Review: Slap Shot Original: The Man, the Foil, and the Legend

Slap Shot Original: The Man, the Foil, and the LegendWho own da Chiefs?

They brought their friggen toys with ’em.

What did ya say to him Reg?

We can all go on and on quoting the movie Slap Shot, but Dave Hanson lived it, not just staring as one of the Hanson brothers, but was on a team with Ned Dowd playing for the Johnstown Jets in the minor leagues, Ned is the brother of Slap Shot write Nancy Dowd who was listening to the stories her brother was telling and just turned them into a screenplay.

In his book Slap Shot Original: The Man, the Foil, and the Legend, Hanson, with the help of prolific sports novelist Ross Bernstein tells some of the behind the scenes antics like playing pranks on legendary actor Paul Newman, how he became a Hanson brother instead of playing Killer Carlson.

The book also looks at Hanson’s early days, and how he rose in the ranks to eventually play in the NHL, to life after hockey and the eventual sequel that should have never been made.

This isn’t a book that you are going to pick up looking to learn anything useful. It’s pure entertainment. A hockey player telling his stories much like he would in the locker room or on the bus. Perfect reading for a flight, waiting for your kids while they’re at practice or you just want an escape from the heaviness of 2020.


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