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Hosers vs. The Money Shot

The Hosers made their triumphant return to MNWAHL play after the COVID shutdown of rinks in Minnesota with a 5-4 victory over The Money Shot. It was clear most players on both teams hadn’t skated since our winter season was abruptly ended in March without warning due to COVID by the sloppy play and at times falling down away from the puck for no reason. When the refs came skating out onto the ice I looked at them and joked that I even missed them too.

There were a lot more smiles out on the ice than I usually see, but more importantly, I played well and gave my team a chance to win my 35 saves. It didn’t feel like I faced 39 shots in the game – sometimes you just feel like the ice is tilted towards your end. It wasn’t until I was doing my video editing and counting shots that I realized how many I saw in this game.

At the end of the day it was just nice to see all the fellas again, crack open a beer after the game and share a few laughs after a good skate.

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