The Money Shot Rematch

2020 MNWAHL Fall Hosers vs The Money Shot 2

In a bit of odd scheduling, we’re already facing teams we’ve already played this season. We had a rematch with The Monday Shot this week. A team that is always interesting to play depending on which players show up for them. Some games we handle them pretty easily, others it is an even tilt, and others their ringers show up and it’s not even close. This week was one of those games where the play was evenly matched and the team played well, staying with them, but I had an off night. My rebound control was terrible and I let in a weak goal at the end that cost us the game. As commentators say, “that is a goal he’d like to have back.” That saying always bugs me. A goalie would like to have every goal back. We never let one in and think, “yea, OK, I’ll allow it.” The good news is we have another game next week, and everybody makes the playoffs so these games are really just training camp for the playoffs. Oh, and there was beer in the lockerroom after the game so that was a plus.

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