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Tendy Talk Episode 8 – Donny Nadeau

Episode 8 of Tendy Talk is a special one for me as I talk to my old goalie coach from Saint Mary’s Univerity of Minnesota Donny Nadeau. I get one burning question I’ve been wanted to ask for a long time answered – why did they even pick me to be on the team as we had over 20 goalies trying out for six spots my freshman year., More importantly I got to reconnect with an early mentor of mine who taught me a lot on and off the ice. Done offered advice as I ventured into my first career in journalism. We talked about Donny’s journey in hockey that landed him at Saint Mary’s, but also how he is able to recharge away from the game and his job as Saint Mary’s Sports Information Director by taking annual road trips to visit America’s National Parks. Be sure to follow Donny on social media to follow Big Red on those trips.

Enjoy the episode and follow Donny:

Music on this podcast is courtesy of The Zambonis. (http://thezambonis.com)

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