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Tendy Talk Episode 12 – Goalie Gear Nerd

If you follow anything goalie-related on social media, the profile of Goalie Gear Nerd is sure to have popped up in your feed. For episode 12 of Tendy Talk I talk to the man, the myth, the legend Mr. Goalie Gear Nerd. It was great to talk to him and find out about his start in the game, and what drew him to the position, but more importantly why the fascination with goalie equipment. Sure every goalie is drawn to the equipment, but Goalie Gear Nerd takes it to another level. He sounds like the know-it-all kid from the movie The Polar Express when he talks about trains. The only difference is Goalie Gear Nerd isn’t being condescending when he talks about equipment the way the know-it-all kid talks about trains. We also talked that when I eventually get a new set of equipment he will help me dial in the specs so the transition from vintage equipment to modern equipment isn’t so glaring.

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