4 The Love of Puck Pickup Skate | Augsburg Arena

I made my return to the ice after suffering a slipped disk in my back early in the fall, then the rinks in Minnesota being shut down to COVID when Cas from 4 The Love of Puck sent me a note a few hours before the skate seeing if I was available. I wasn’t too rusty, but my tracking was certainly off. One of the first shots went right off my bare elbow too which doesn’t feel good the next morning.

The skate was at the Augsburg Arena, the same rink they tied Goldberg to the net in the movie The Mighty Ducks, and saw Tommy and Tami Duncan figure skating on the second sheet of ice. It’s also a rink I had some of my best college games at and was where I donned the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota hockey jersey for the last time when we won the MIAC JV championship my senior year.

This was my first skate with the CCM Game On mask attached to my helmet as Minnesota is requiring a mask while skating right now. I was pleasantly surprised that breathing was relatively easy. There were only a few times I noticed myself laboring more than normal due to it. The worst part was the reduced vision when looking down but by the end of the skate, I had gotten fairly used to it. Like the video? Be sure to hit the subscribe button so you don’t miss future uploads. Want more Washed Up Goalie? Visit my blog at: https://washedupgoalie.com/ Pickup some Washed Up Goalie merch at https://washedupgoalie.threadless.com/.

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