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Tendy Talk Joins the BLPA Podcast Network

Beer League Players Association LogoI’m excited to announce that the Tendy Talk podcast has joined the Beer League Players Association Podcast Network. Eventually, the content from WashedUpGoalie.com will migrate to their website as well in a move that is a win-win for both parties. For the Washed Up Goalie content and Tendy Talk podcast, this move will bring the content to a larger audience base that the Beer League Players Association (BLPA) has cultivated. For the BLPA the move adds a podcast to their network as they aim to have shows that drop each day of the week. It also brings a goalie voice to the BLPA to dispel the notion that Nick from The BLPA Big Show doesn’t like goalies.

“I’ve known Joe for a number of years. I’ve always liked Joe’s blogs and Twitter account. I was super stoked when he started his own show. We had talked about teaming up and spreading our love of sport (mainly hockey) with others but we weren’t able to fully explore this while I was with my current company at the time. When I left my previous employer and started my own thing, things fell into place. Our mission is to connect the world with sport. Bringing in new shows and fresh perspectives helps The Beer League Players Association (the BLPA) achieve that.,” Nick Fleehart of BLPA says. “Our goal is to connect the world with sport. The more shows, the better. We aren’t a traditional media outlet where we can afford to spend millions of dollars marketing our shows. Our show line up is real people discussing real things they are passionate about. The goal is to eventually have a show to release every day of the week.”

In the short term, you’ll notice the BLPA logo starting to appear on the podcast art and show teasers. Eventually, we’ll migrate all Washed Up Goalie posts over to the BLPA website, possibly under their own Washed Up Goalie tab. If you have bookmarked WashedUpGoalie.com or type it into your browser don’t worry, we’ll have a redirect to send you to the Washed Up Goalie content on the BLPA website.

I’m really excited about this move. The opportunity for cross-promotion is endless, and to have somebody like Nick in my corner who has grown multiple followings of podcasts is invaluable. I just hope I’m able to provide as much return to the BLPA as I know they will to me in this partnership.

Now some might wonder why I’m partnering with Nick and the BLPA when Nick it’s already been mentioned that Nick may not fully appreciate goalies, but I know better. I know it’s his way of playing the villain to generate discussion.

“I think goaltenders are a bit weird but that’s OK, because so am I. I respect the position and know how hard it is to play. My goalie career boasts a 3-3-1 record with a 4.78 GAA, so I probably have better stats than 90% of your listeners. Why add a goalie podcast? It’s simple. I love having more hockey content out in the world. I started playing as an adult in Oklahoma and could not devour enough hockey stuff. I quickly realized there wasn’t a ton of stuff out there made for us beer leaguers. That’s what I want to create. I want to make sure us beer leaguers have a voice. A place that’s all our own. That’s why the BLPA was created. A place where a bunch of like-minded yay-hoos can enjoy each other’s thoughts/views. A place of love, respect, and understanding. Mainly a place where we can help each other be better,” Nick says.

“I think a lot of that “Nick hates goalies” stuff is played up but I’m ok playing that villain. I have no doubt I can score on each and every one of you sieves.. Every Batman needs his Joker eh? ”

Well, I don’t know about Nick’s last claim about scoring on me, maybe if I had a few beers before the skate. One of these days we’ll be on the ice together and we’ll find out. In the meantime, I hope everybody enjoys the expanded content offerings.


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