Washed Up Goalie Practice

Being a beer league goalie is tough. There are almost zero expectations of us other than to show up to the rink for all games, and if we can’t to line up a sub. If we play well that is an even bigger bonus. If we bring beer every once in a while that elevates us to MVP status among our teammates. Despite that, it is important we use this downtime due to COVID where some rinks are closed and most leagues are canceled to keep our skills sharp for when we make our triumphant return to the ice. With the challenges of rinks being closed or no ice time for old guys like me, it isn’t easy to find time to practice so I strapped on the pads, walked out to the backyard rink, and did what I could to make sure I’d be the best goalie I can be when my team, The Hosers, return to the ice. I did this the only way I could – all by myself.

Credit for making this video goes out to my kids for saying we should make this after showing them Steve Carell’s video. We shot the video on my 40th birthday of all days. My daughter was the cinematographer while my son helped set up scenes.

Here is our take:

The Original:

Who did it better?

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