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Tendy Talk Episode 23 – Cas Semlak

For episode 23 of Tendy Talk I connect with Cas Semlak of the 4 The Love of Puck Project. I first started skating with Cas a little over a year ago when I played in his Playground Puck Tournament at the Groveland Park Ice Rinks. Since then I’ve learned about the documentary they’re making about the great game of hockey and the community it provides, participated in some of their pick-up skates, and even appeared in one of their commercial shoots for Kav Sports. Have a listen, and learn how Cas got into hockey and why the game means so much to him. I have to say when Cas sends me a text asking if I can skate and I can’t I’m always bummed because I know I’m missing out on a good skate. He organizes skates with a good tempo, enough skill to make it challenging but not too hard, and there are always parking lot beers.

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Music on this podcast is courtesy of The Zambonis. (http://thezambonis.com)

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