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Tendy Talk Episode 24 – Ed and Dayn Belfour

Episode 24 of Tendy Talk was a special one for me. When I started the podcast I told my wife that maybe I’d be lucky enough to have my childhood idol Ed Belfour on as a guest. Well, not only was I able to have Ed on Tendy Talk as a guest, but his son Dayn who is also a goalie joined us as we talked about how they wound up between the pipes, tinkering with equipment and their whisky business Belfour Spirits. If they sell Belfour Spirits whisky in your neck of the woods, pour yourself a glass, and enjoy the episode. Ed was gracious enough to send me a bottle of their Rye Whisky and Burbon Whisky Finished with Texas Pecan Wood after the show. I’m not much of a whisky drinker, but this stuff is delicious and just might help me become a whisky drinker.

Special thanks to Belfour Spirits Chief Marketing Officer Elizabeth Cornelius for helping coordinate schedules.

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Music on this podcast is courtesy of The Zambonis. (http://thezambonis.com)

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  1. Well, I have to say, Joe….. I’m a born and raised Minnesota gal….. I grew up in East Grand Forks, MN…. I was a student at UND when I met Edward…
    You sound lovely…. I can hear it in your voice in every word, how wonderful you are…..!!!
    As a mother, I thank you
    tremendously for spending the time with Dayn, and his father, Edward, on your podcast. I must, without a doubt, give a huge shoutout and immense respect to your wife, for knowing beforehand , to talk less, and let the Eagle talk MORE!!!!! This is just my opinion; I am a listener. I am the same as any Eagle fan out there, and we all are eager to hear your questions , contrite , and to the point…. so that we all can hear the Eagle’s words, and lifetime experiences for the majority of your great podcast including the words and life experience of his son growing up with the pressures of being a goalie, and the son of the Eagle!
    It was a wonderful podcast… I’m so happy that you were the one who got to interview your goalie idol growing up as a child in Chicago…. if the opportunity for an interview should ever arise again, please listen to your wife!!! She knows you best!!!!🥰🥰🥰

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