The Minnesotan Pickup Skate

The Minnesotan Pickup Skate

About two weeks ago I got the text asking if I was available for an early Wednesday evening skate from my buddy over at The Minnesotan. As luck would have it my son did not have baseball that night so I was able to make the skate. Even better the rink was about 10-minutes from the house. It also helped that there were parking lot beers after the skate too.

I was looking forward to the skate as I had not skated with my buddy in close to 10 years, and although I have not skated with this group, I knew it would be a good paces skate. It had also been close to three months since I was last on the ice so I was looking forward to just getting back out there. I was however a little worried about how I’d play.

I was fortunate that I was not complete garbage, but did give up a few soft goals. Honestly, It is skates like this that I want to get in on here as the fall season approaches so that I can get those goals out of my system. With the Covid break most players have endured, I believe that if I can be somewhat back to my normal playing level it will give my team an advantage in the fall season.

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