4 The Love of Puck Drake Arena Pickup Skate

4 The Love of Puck Pickup Skate at Drake Arena

My buddy Cas from 4 The Love of Puck asked me if I could fill in for a Sunda morning skate at the historic Drake Arena in St. Paul, MN. This was my first time skating at Drake Arena, home of St. Paul Academy High School. It’s a neat little barn with a lot of history. It was also the first time I got to skate with Nick from Northern Lids who makes some awesome Cooper, Jofa, and Koho hats.

As far as the skate went, I played OK. Fortunately I was on the side that played better defense so I didn’t face many high danger shots. I did see a few breakaways, something I’m usually pretty good at, but this day I struggled. It seemed the only way they could score on me at this skate was on a breakaway. I did manage to pull off a rolling poke check on one breakaway. I totally telegraphed it, the shooter saw it, but I got just enough of the puck to breakup the scoring opportunity. It went down it what felt like extreme slow-motion for the both of us too causing us to laugh afterward.

While 4 The Love of Puck skates usually include parking lot beers after the skate, this one was at 8:00 a.m. so there were no post skate parking lot drinks.

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