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Tendy Talk Added to THPN Podcast Lineup

The Hockey Podcast Network LogoI’m excited to announce that the Tendy Talk podcast has joined The Hockey Podcast Network (THPN) in addition to already being a part of the Beer League Players Association Podcast Network

What does this mean for you, the listener? Well, not much will change in terms of the format of the podcast or frequency. You will hear an occasional ad read, and if you watch the YouTube recordings of the podcasts you’ll notice the background change to something a bit more appealing than the plain black it currently is. You’ll also notice theTHPN logo next to the BLPA logo on the podcast art and show teasers as well. 

So why form this partnership when Tendy Talk is already teamed up with the BLPA Podcast Network? Well, THPN will broaden the podcast’s reach, but it also puts me in contact with other podcast hosts for brainstorming ideas, exchanging contacts, and sharing tips for making the podcasts even better. In the end, this is a partnership that will make the podcast better for you the listener. 

Like I said when I joined the BLPA Podcast Network, I’m really excited about this move. Partnering with THPN gives me the opportunity to connect with so many more fellow podcasts to share thoughts, contacts, and content that it was an easy decision.

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