Goons 4 Good Game

I had the opportunity to skate on Team Mich Golden Light – Yellow in one game of the Goons 4 Good tournament at the Centennial Ice Arena. This was the first actual game I played in with refs and all that fun stuff in over a year. I’ve gotten in a number of pickup skates, but this was the first game with something on the line.

I wound up stopping 19 of 21 shots as we went on to defeat Team Northern Enforcers White 4-2. The first goal was a breakaway where I held my ground waiting for the skater to make a move. He never made it and scored an easy five-hole goal on me. The second goal was a cross-ice pass that the shooter connected perfectly on, slipping the puck just over my pads as I came across in a two-pad stack. Unfortunately, my GoPro wouldn’t stay on the dirty glass so I only captured about half my saves.

I would have skated in the other three games of the tournaments, but my nephew got married and there was no way I was going to miss that. The team did make it to the championship game before losing a game. Fingers crossed the next Goons 4 Good tournament my calendar is wide open, and I can play in all the games and hopefully bring home bragging rights.

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