The Minnesotan Pickup Skate

I brought my GoPro to another Minnesotian pickup skate at the White Bear Sports Center. I thought I tried downloading the footage the week of the skate but thought maybe I forgot to clear the memory card prior to the skate because no new footage was downloaded. Turns out I just didn’t hit download, so before charging up my GoPro for the recent Goons 4 Good tournament I found what I thought was lost footage.

This was a good skate, but frustrating one too as one of the skaters spent last season between the ECHL and AHL. I could tell right away his helmet didn’t come from SidelineSwap because he had silky hands and a heck of a shot that he blew right by me the first few times.

Aside from mister minor-leaguer lighting me up it was a decent skate. I was able to catch up to the speed of his shots and felt good in my movements. Like most pickup skates there was about a 5-10 minute stretch where I was off my game, but the mind wanders in pickup skates in ways it doesn’t in actual games.

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