Hughes Consulting vs Extremely Average

I got a message from a friend on Instagram asking if I could fill in for a skate. I was under the impression that it was a good-paced pick-up skate. I found out about 30 minutes before puck drop that it was actually a league game. It was a good skate with many former college and some former pro players. The best part about this is there were few broken plays, and shots from the point. Unfortunately for me is the team I subbed for didn’t play much defense.

It was about midway through the game that I learned of some of the team’s previous scores which made me not beat myself up too bad about the score. We only had three goals until the last few minutes when they mustered 3 more quick goals to make the final score of 12-6 (the 12th goal was an empty net) not look so bad. There were two or three goals that I probably would have stopped if I was more comfortable with my new pads, but I knew goals like that would happen early on. I’m just glad they didn’t come in a playoff game.

For this game I also tried a different angle for my GoPro so you could see my equipment. I like the angle, but I feel like the camera was too far away for a clear view.

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