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Week four of the MNWAHL Winter season saw four of us bring beer for the game. All four of us brought different options too. I didn’t feel like I played well in the game, allowing six goals on 30 shots. I did stop enough shots to earn a 6-6 tie, but poor rebound control lead to two goals. Knowing I didn’t play great and possibly cost us the victory, I wasn’t going to grab one of the beers I thought was better. Instead, I grabbed a Budweiser. I grabbed it because the case of beer had clearly been sitting in my teammate’s garage fridge for a while because it was a case adorned with a Christmas motif.

Now I’m not one to order up a Budweiser when I’m out or bring home a 6-pack of it, but it’s not a terrible beer either. It’s just not one that I am a huge fan of.

Budweiser is a simple American lager that to me has a taste that is a bit sweet. Unlike most beers, Budweiser uses rice in its recipe, giving it that sweeter taste. Most beers use a combination of barley, hops, and water with occasional adjuncts like coffee, chocolate, or other specs. Budweiser uses rice to offset the gain bill and help keep costs down because rice is cheaper than barley.

Budweiser may be the King of Beers, but America fought a revolution to escape the tyranny of a king. Maybe it’s the patriot in me that doesn’t like a monarchy, but Budweiser isn’t a beer I typically grab when there are options. I grabbed it this week almost as a punishment for my play.

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