Beer League Beer Review | Goose Island 312

Our game on Super Bowl Sunday was canceled because the other team forfeited. They knew they wouldn’t have enough skaters, so they were nice enough to let the league and us know ahead of time so we didn’t show up to the rink. That means I ended up bringing beer two games in a row as I picked up some Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale for the fellas. A wheat beet is usually a little heavy and thick for a post-game beer, but the 312 Wheat Ale is a surprisingly clear and light wheat beer that is nice after a game.

With a 4.2% ABV my teammates who like to maybe try two beers after a game don’t have to worry about the effects. If poured into a glass (who brings beer glasses to the rink) you’ll notice a slight haze, but not the almost milky haze of a traditional wheat beer. As far as taste it is a smooth beer with a crisp, almost sweet taste. Some say fruity, but maybe my pallet isn’t that sophisticated to pick up those hints.

All in, it s a good post-game beer once in a while. This isn’t something you want to drink every week as it is heavier than the traditional light beers most guys bring. Consequently, it’s a great beer to drink while at a ballgame on a hot day. I know this because I’ve done that a time or two.

Another reason I chose 312 for this week’s beer is a former high school teammate of mine works for Goose Island. I have to support my friends and what better way to do it than drinking the beer that puts food on their table?

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