Hosers vs Raiders

Our game last week is technically a victory in the standings as the other team forfeited because they knew they wouldn’t get enough players to show up during the Super Bowl. That was good as I wasn’t going to be at the game as it was also my daughter’s 15th birthday (I did have a sub lined up). We didn’t have many skaters for this game so I knew I was going to see a lot of rubber, but I wasn’t anticipating 47 shots.

We lost the game 8-2, but I think with a full bench we can beat the Raiders. Their goalie appeared to be a beginner, and they had one dynamic player who is clearly playing down to skate with friends. The Stop It Goaltending Game Day app said I should have let in 7.08 goals based on shot situations, so I was only 0.92 over that expectancy, and -1.3 for the three games I’ve now tracked using the app.

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