Beer League Beer Review | Dual Citizen Cereal Money

This week in the locker room we had more Goose Island 312 Urban Wheat Ale, and since I already rated that beer, I thought I’d share my thoughts on the Dual Citizen Cereal Money breakfast stout brewed in collaboration with Treatsmn. This is clearly not a post-game beer with an 8.2% ABV, and being a heavier stout, but is the beer I had at The Gnome after taking in the matinee Blackhawks vs. Wild game in St. Paul this past weekend. In a way, it was a post-game beer, just not a locker room beer.

Listed as a breakfast stout made with six different breakfast kinds of cereal, waffles, cocoa nibs, and Gus Dean Coffee, I can’t find a list of the cereals used to brew the beer but could pick up hints of Capn’ Crunch. While not an imperial stout, it did have the bite of one. My son took a sniff of the beer and could mention the distinct cereal smell. He is not of age, so don’t worry, he didn’t have any. I paired this beer with a jambalaya, and it paired quite well. In the end, not a beer I’d bring into the locker room, but I did enjoy it.


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