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It’s been a few weeks since my last beer review. That is because nobody brought beer to the last game, then I missed the next one because on was on vacation, then we had no hockey on Easter Sunday. This past weekend we had our first-round playoff game of the MNWAHL Winter Season. Despite letting in two of the first three shots the fellas and I battled back for a 5-4 victory. The game was earlier enough that my son came with. It was early enough that it meant we didn’t eat dinner before the game so we stopped at the Tipsey Steer for burgers which shares a building with Invictus Brewing. Rather than having a single post-game beer, I had a flight of four 4-oz. beers. By beers of choice for the flight were the Troy IPA, Avenger American IPA, Pistachio Power Brown Ale, and Blaine It On the Rain Red Ale.

The Troy IPA clocks in with a 6.2% ABV. The beer is named after one of the brewery’s co-owners. It was a heavily citrusy beer, but full of flavor. I enjoyed it, I’m just glad I didn’t have it immediately after the game in the locker room because it would have been too much.

The Avenger American IPA clocks in with a 5.7 ABV. Like the Troy, this beer was citrusy, but not as bitter. According to the brewery’s description, it is more balanced with a slight bready sweetness. If I had to choose between the two IPAs to have in the locker room this would be the one.

I added the Pistachio Power Brown Ale to my flight because of its novelty. Clocking in with an ABV of 5.1% this beer was smooth with a nutty, yet caramelly taste. The beer is brewed with ground organic pistachio butter. I didn’t really know what to expect from this beer, but it was delightful. Being a brown ale it is probably a little heavy post-game for most, but I wouldn’t mind it since I like darker beers.

Last up is the Blain It On the Rain Amber Ale. Clocking in at 5.7% ABV this beer had a smooth malty taste. I had a feeling I’d like this beer best out of the four so I saved it for last, and I was right. Overall it was a nicely balanced Amber Ale that would go well post-game for those of us that like darker beers.

Let’s hope this flight fuels me and the fellas to a second-round victory.

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