Split Save Saturday

Us Tendies know what Windmill Wednesday is and share those videos every week, so why not start Split Save Saturday and start sharing those videos all over social media?

I’ve always been fortunate to be a flexible goalie, able to contort my legs in ways most goalies can’t. This has played into my favor over the years as most opposing players are not expecting me to go post to post in a full split to seal off the entire bottom of the net. The reactions are sometimes better than the saves themselves. Often times if the save results in a stoppage of play the player I just stopped will come to tap the pads or have some words of appreciation to exchange. Refs always come to get the puck smiling, and sometimes laughing in disbelief.

Here is a compilation of my split saves from the winter and summer seasons. Which one was your favorite? Do you prefer windmill saves or split saves? Personally, I like the combination of the windmill split save.

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