Windmill Wednesday

Windmill saves are fun to watch. For those not aware, a windmill glove save is when a goalie makes a glove save and momentum, or because the goalie has a flair for the dramatic, the goalie’s arms pulls the glove in a circle, usually back into the body – much like the propellers of a windmill. As a goalie, I can watch these saves and almost feel the snag of the puck in my glove.

With another season-ending, I put together a compilation of my windmill saves from the winter and summer seasons.

My favorite windmill glove saves are the ones that result in a full split save like the early ones in this compilation video. Which windmill save is your favorite? You can find all kinds of windmill saves on Instagram by searching the hashtag #WindmillWednesday or #WindmillWednesdays.

About the only saves on the same level of excitement as a windmill is a split save, or possibly a two-pad stack. Two-pad stacks are fun because young goalies just don’t know how to make them so we don’t see them often.

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