Ice Jacks vs Valley Concrete

The fall MNWAHL season started with my regular team the Hosers on a bye, so I again filled in for the Ice Jacks – the same team I backstopped to the summer championship. We continued our winning streak with another dominating 10-3 win over Valley Concrete.

While this game was a blowout, I still made some impressive saves to preserve the big lead and had an active stick around the net taking away a few scoring chances with poke checks.  Team Valley Concrete had a few point-blank, grad A, scoring chances that I was able to turn away. One of my saves was made with my head too, driving home the importance of a good mask no matter the skill level you are playing at. Of the three goals they scored, none were snipes, and if played differently probably would have stopped them.

The fellas from Valley Concrete are snazzy dressers with their tuxedo-looking jerseys. One day I got to the rink early and saw them playing a team that had flannel shirt-looking jerseys. I felt underdressed watching that game.

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