Hosers vs Caels Angels

The Hosers’ fall MNWAHL season kicked off with a little bit of a break in the third period when the ref noticed a mess on the ice. Turns out one of my teammates had some Dairy Queen before the game and it didn’t sit well with him. During a stoppage in play, he skated behind the net and did what he needed to do. The ref nor I saw this at the time, but when the ref discovered it he was not happy. He skated to the Zamboni doors to get a shovel to clean up the mess, swearing and complaining the whole time.

I got a workout stopping 40 shots, including multiple breakaways that I turned away in what ended up being a 6-2 loss.

Whenever we play Caels Angles I get frustrated because they’re a beatable team, but they just seem to have a little more speed than we do which most nights is the difference maker between us winning or losing. They also have one ringer who usually hangs back and plays defense, but his hockey awareness means he gets the puck to the right people at the right team to put points on the board.

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