Hosers vs MN Freeze

The Hosers improved to 2-1 in the young MNWAHL fall season with a convincing 7-4 victory over the MN Freeze Sunday night.

It’s never hard to find MN Freeze players hiding in the corners or on the back door with their highlighter yellow jerseys. Of the teams in the league that we play right now, I think the MN Freeze is one that we compare most evenly to. Sure we piled on the goals in this game, but the balance of play was pretty even throughout the game. The difference-maker in this week’s matchup was goaltending. We scored a few goals on the MN Freeze, and it seemed to break the will of their goalie for the evening. It just wasn’t his night, and we’ve all had games like that ourselves.

My rebound control was solid during this game which helped the team’s overall defensive effort as the boys didn’t have to worry about tying up players out front or clearing any juicy rebounds that left me out of position for a possible shot.

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