Sota Stick Hockey Classic – Bills Toggery vs The Hockey Arsenal

I had the privilege of skating in the SotaStick Hockey Classic Sept. 28-29 at the Super Rink in Blaine, MN. The tournament raised funds for the Hendrickson Foundation. I made new friends and had fun representing team Bill’s Toggery.

Team Toggery opened the tournament facing off against Team Hockey Arsenal. I may have started a Twitter feud with Hockey Arsenal leading up to the game, so I had to prove myself. For fun I also donned my Cooper SK2000 & HM50 combo bucket I wore my sophomore year in college – similar to the one Dominik Hasek wore.

Having never played together as a team, I’d say Team Toggery sure came out looking like a seasoned beer league team that’s been together for several seasons. Now it is true a few players had friends on the team that they’d skated with, but that is only one other player on the team that they were familiar with. For the most part, none of us had met till we walked through the locker room door. We’ll see how well we do in this tournament.

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