Hosers vs Frozen Debt Stars

What is there to say? Not our best effort as a team. We were outplayed, and the score reflected that.

Every team has those games where it’s just an all-around off night. That was this week’s MNWAHL game against the Frozen Debt Stars as we lost 6-1. Watching the video I made some nice saves, but you are not going to win, or even have a chance at winning a game when the play is almost entirely in your end of the rink.

There weren’t many show-stopping saves as I had good positioning and surprisingly good rebound control in this game, but there was one where it was a cross-ice pass that required a full split save where I just barely got a piece of the puck with my skate. Talking about it not being our night though, that pass went right by more than one of my teammates, and nobody made an effort to break up the pass. If you are going to win games like this you have to break up those passes.

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