Hosers vs Ole Piper Chiefs

Seems to be a recurring theme this fall MNWAHL season but we were again outplayed, this time by the Ole Piper Chiefs. We passed up many opportunities to shoot the puck and I could have stopped more pucks. I just felt like I was fighting the puck most of the night. I did however manage to almost make an old-school skate save. I stopped just short of turning the skate over to direct the puck into the corner.

While that’s two weeks in a row of subpar games by both me and my teammates, the regular season is just a tune-up to the playoffs. With every team making the playoffs we can use the regular season to work through our deficiencies, and hopefully, be clicking on all cylinders as we head into the playoffs. It’s happened before as we finished near the bottom of the standings, but found our way into the championship game. We didn’t win that championship game as we only had seven skaters. We kept the game to 2-1 until the third period when the boys finally ran out of gas.

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