Hosers vs MN Freeze Second Match Up

For the second game in a row the Hosers were outplayed, this time the team showed a little more life though compared to last week as we fell 6-4 to the MN Freeze and their highlighter yellow jerseys. I managed 27 saves in the tilt and recorded my second assist of the fall season and the first of my MNWAHL career.

I have never been good at playing the puck, but I’ve practiced as much as I can for a beer leaguer and am starting to take more chances to move the puck up ice and hopefully be a part of the Hosers’ offense. A few times I have turned the puck over when trying to move it up ice and had to make a quick save, but luckily none of those poorly played pucks have ended up in the net behind me. I don’t think I am the next Ron Hextall scoring goals (that would be nice), but I will settle for an assist every now and then because us goalies like to get in on the scoring action.

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