Clearing the Snow

We got another 5” of snow today here in Minnesota today after getting 6” just two days ago. I tried to clear the snow Marc-Andre Fleury style with just the paddle of my goalie stick, but that would have taken all night so I tried a different technique and fired up my Arines snowblower. This tactic was much more efficient as the snow is starting to pile up here.

I tried using a shovel, but I had trouble lifting it up without dropping all the snow back onto the driveway because of my goalie glove. I’m much better at pushing snow on the ice with a shovel than picking it up off the driveway.

The worst part of all this is I had to fire up the snowblower again after the snowplow came through the neighborhood and pushed a large pile of snow back onto the driveway at the curb. I should have waited till the plow came through before starting.

It was a bit cold outside so I made sure to wear a stocking cap to keep my ears warm.

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