Ice Jacks vs Team America

I got the call again to fill in for summer hockey for the Ice Jacks. It had been a few weeks since I last skated and it showed. We had a nice 4-1 lead but some weird goals snuck by me, and a hungry team ultimately did us in as we lost 5-4. I only made 21 saves in the game.

Weird game too in that one of their players tried starting a fight after the game, and his fiance was waiting for our team as we left the ice, The officials had to kick her out of the arena. Looks like those two were made for each other. I wonder what their wedding will be like. I’m sure the players will be talking about it.

During the game I went to play the puck behind the net as an opposing player was forechecking. Normaly in the beer leagues those players will peel off and let me move the puck, but not this guy. Sensing he wasn’t going to peel off I used my body to shield the puck from him and moved the puck off to one of my defensemen.

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