Hosers vs. Chiefs Screen Shot

Hosers vs. Chiefs

I took so long getting this MNWAHL  winter season video of our game against the Ole Piper Chiefs posted that I don’t remember much of this game. I do know that I didn’t play great, only stopping 17 of 22 shots.

My boys played good defense in front of me, but I wasn’t on my game. Unfortunatly when you are not on your game as a goalie it impacts your entire team. In this game it just felt like I was fighting the puck all night. I don’t know if I was getting bad reads, felt like my positioning was off, or what. I do know I didn’t have a pre-game beer though. A pre-game beer while the Zamboni is on the ice always calms my nerves, and I tend to play better – not always, but most of the time.

I won’t drell too much on what went wrong in this game as we have another one this weekend where we will hopefully bounce back and find ourselves in the victory column once again.

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