Hosers vs. M&G Trailers Screen Shot

Hosers vs. M&G Trailers

I’m not going to mince my words. This was a terrible team effort. We played a better team, but after the second period, we were so defeated that some guys just gave up. I saw a lot of rubber (57 shots), and played decent considering the final score of 9-3, but it’s hard to stay in a game when your team isn’t trying, and the other team is playing like it is game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

These are the games that I get angry playing in. You can’t ask your goalie to stand on their head and keep things close, but then completely give up. In my early beer league days these were also the games that I’d get to the locker room and be grumpy, not talk to anyone, and leave in anger. Now when I leave the ice, I leave my emotions there, creack open a beer in the locker room and move on. I’ve learned that it is only a game and I can only control my effort, not the entire team’s.

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